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December 12, 2022

Google's Infinite Scroll Update

Expansion Brings Mobile-Style Search Results To Your Desktop

Google recently rolled out an expansion to its continuous scrolling feature. Infinite scrolling launched for mobile in 2021. Late last year, Google announced that the update would be extended to desktop search results, promising “more helpful results with less clicks.”

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What Is Google’s Infinite Scroll?

Google’s infinite scroll, while not truly infinite, brings mobile-like search results to a desktop. The expanded-upon feature was originally rolled out for mobile devices in 2021. The goal was to enhance the number of results that would come up with the fewest amount of clicks. The program is now being pushed out for desktop users. 

How Will the Update Affect User Experience?

With the implementation of the update, desktop users will see approximately 4 pages of results before they have to click on the “See More” button to receive additional results. Given that a large portion of the first page results is dedicated to ads, media, and other things, the recent update should come as a win for websites.

How Will It Impact the Client?

While the update is geared toward positively impacting a user’s experience, it could impact a client in another way. It is believed that once implemented the change will give the opportunity for more impressions and a lower click-through rate. Furthermore, in some instances “Page 2” might become more valuable. The first three positions, however, are unlikely to see a change.

Will It Change Tracking?

It is unlikely that the expanded feature will impact Google Search Console (GSC), so it is important to take note of other problems. Keyword rankings (Moz, AHREFS, and Semrush)  have been updated.

Does It Affect Ads?

The updated feature will have a direct impact on ads. Bottom-of-the-page ads are expected to take a hit. But there may be more potential for top ads, Local Services ads (LSA), and Google Business Profile (GBP) impact. Ads will also be able to run multiple times. 

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