Case Study Overett Group Attorneys

Creating a Unique Brand with Photography & Web Design
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Overett Group Attorneys
Personal Injury Attorney in Long Beach, CA
  • Website design & technical management
  • VIP photoshoot on location.
"No Bullsh*t. Cool guys. They do what they say they're gonna do, and they make you money."
Paul Overett
Overett Group Attorneys

Marketing Six Client Story

With a makeup artist and catered lunch, the photoshoot provided a luxury, VIP experience. After the shoot, we made sure the photos were edited in a way that matched the initial creative vision. In addition to high-quality professional photos, Paul wanted a new website design that would bring continuity to his brand identity.

Handling all aspects of the new website’s technical development, we launched Paul Overett into a cohesive online brand identity that he is thrilled with to this day. We continue to handle the technical needs of his website, including hosting.

When you’re putting your face out there, a good photoshoot experience matters… A lot. Paul Overett had done several different photoshoots over the years before coming to us. None of them provided a satisfactory result, leaving him frustrated.

Instead of settling with run-of-the-mill lawyer photos, Paul wanted something clean, unique, and minimal. We got to work. After an initial consultation with the photographer and creative team, we took the desired vision and selected a prime location and organized every detail of the event.

Branding Consultation

This campaign began with a desire to achieve a consistent branding image on the internet. We discussed the creative vision for the upcoming photoshoot as well as the website design.

VIP Photoshoot and
Web Design Plan

We handled all aspects of the photoshoot booking details, going above and beyond to create a luxurious experience for our client.

Photo Editing and
Web Design Plan

Having coordinated the photoshoot, we provided creative direction for the proper editing style and oversaw the technical development of the website to match.