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Improving Lead Quality with Web Design, PPC & SEO
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Levin Law, PA
Investment Fraud Attorney in Miami, FL
  • 150+ Leads on average per month.
  • Has recovered tens of millions for clients since starting with Marketing Six.
"They're a little weird, but they're awesome and I'm proud to call them my friends and my marketing partners."
Brian Levin
Levin Law, PA

Marketing Six Client Story

With consistent content publishing, organic strategies, and paid ads, we were ready to take things to the next level. When it came time to revamp the Brian Levin image, we promptly designed an updated logo and a badass website to maintain acceptable site speed and core web vitals. 

As is the case with many firms, focus shifts and your business goals change. Our flexible style of marketing helped launch Brian into the cryptocurrency and data privacy practice areas. Since building his firm from the ground up with Marketing Six, Brian Levin has recovered tens of millions of dollars for clients around the world.

As one of our first clients, Attorney Brian Levin has been working with us for over four years. Like a true maverick, he was drawn to our firm’s unique approach to digital marketing and we helped each other blaze a path forward. 

In the beginning, we launched a successful investment fraud campaign using a mix of organic and paid strategies. As Brian Levin began to rank and high-quality cases flowed in, his firm grew and our partnership solidified all the more. 

Website Redesign with
Updated Branding

We helped Brian revamp his brand by designing a new logo and cutting-edge website on our latest platform for better speed and core web vitals performance.

Social Media Ad Campaigns

Leveraging social media as the powerful platform it is, we developed highly effective Facebook ads to generate leads for an ongoing class action lawsuit.


Running in the background of every campaign is a forward-thinking SEO and PPC strategy that brings in high-value organic leads each month.