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November 21, 2022

Ranking vs. Performance

Do Rankings Matter and Are They Indicative of a Site’s Performance?

For years when people thought about a website’s performance it would be based on its ranking. How well did it rank for certain keyword searches? Today, however, there are many more factors that can determine the health of a site. While rankings still matter, they aren’t the only consideration.

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Do Rankings Matter?

As search engines have grown more sophisticated, so have their algorithms for determining how a website ranks. You can no longer judge the health of a site by a small handful of keywords or a limited keyword search. There are millions of ways to search even for basic terms making it difficult to rank for everything. 

Not to mention the fact that you can string words together in a variety of ways making it next to impossible to put forth quality content. Furthermore, search results will vary drastically depending on the user’s location and what they have been searching for recently. So, while all of these factors are helpful for individuals, they make rankings less of an indicator of a good site.

What Is a Better Metric?

Average ranking is a much more useful tool, although it is still not perfect. Unfortunately, even average ranking shows an incomplete picture but it is helpful in showing trends over time. A change in average ranking over time could indicate problems or success.

Now, the goal is not necessarily to rank for specific keyword phrases but to rank for intent. In terms of marketing that means creating the most useful page possible for a user in a specific situation who is searching for a specific service or product. 

This is all done through helpful content. Google continues to move more and more in the direction of ranking sites based on how helpful the content is to a user, not simply based on keyword terms.

Is Ranking Obsolete?

Despite these shifts, rankings are still useful as long as they are taken in the proper context. For instance, if ranking is down but traffic and conversions remain the same then there is not necessarily a problem. 

Instead of rankings being the only indicator of site performance, it would be more accurate to say that ranking well for a high-value, competitive term is simply a symptom of a healthy site. Ultimately the mission should not be chasing after specific keyword rankings, but rather to build a good site where rankings will follow.

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